Thanks for visiting my site! I work with children, adolescents, families, individual adults, and couples in Waterville, Maine. I also offer teaching and supervision for clinicians.  As part of this work, I consult with the Glenn Stratton Learning Center in Hinckley, Maine and teach and consult at a small college for social workers in Bon Repos, Haiti.

Psychotherapy is a process of healing that takes place through a trusting relationship, using particular, relevant therapeutic modalities. Each client and situation is different; and there is no “one size fits all” approach in my work. I draw on many of the current, shown-to-be-effective approaches: attachment-focused therapy, trauma-resolution therapy (including EMDR), Narrative Therapy, cognitive behavioral approaches to problem solving and relaxation, mindfulness-based therapy, reflective listening, mind/body perspectives, among others. I try my best to employ what is effective for each particular person in their particular situation. My practice is open and respectful to people of different cultural backgrounds and to various choices re gender.  I believe strongly in people’s potential to transform their lives; and I take joy in helping to facilitate that process!

I think that therapy should be safe, comfortable, challenging but also fun. One of my favorite book titles on psychotherapy is, “Playful Approaches to Serious Problems.” I very much respect the spiritual dimension in people’s lives, whatever the particular path, and feel that it can strongly contribute to healing.

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